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Detox Rocks!


Detoxifying the body is tremendously beneficial to our sound health. Detoxifying eliminates toxins and free radicals substances from our bodies. For many, detoxifying is akin to cleaning out the old and beginning the new. The body is refreshed after a detox and energy level rises. Detoxification makes for revitalisation of our cells and organs and the high productivity and cleansed feelings that comes after a detox cannot be denied.

Like the body, the soul gathers toxins passively each day and calls for a soul detox for a better state of our mind.

The soul is our immortal essence, the seat of our emotions, our intellect, our beliefs, and our will. Born without guile and with purity, life experiences propagate seeds into the souls and like a field left uncultivated; most seeds grow, both wanted and unwanted.

Do you beat yourself or others up? Are you really hard on yourself? Is your self talk negative? Do you guilt trip yourself all the time? Do you find reasons to be bitter, stay unforgiving or unhappy? Are you constantly in fear? Do you regularly vent your anger? Do you uphold limiting beliefs? Maybe you need a detox.

Do it this way:

  • Write down how or what you feel, the stuffs clogging you up- it’s your first step.
  • List all those things that make you feel awful.
  • Let go of the negative attitudes, emotions and influences- including the unhealthy relationships, some people are basic toxins one needs to get rid of without sentiments.
  • Meditate! One of the best ways to center yourself.

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