Dear Dorothy: My boyfriend is needy

Dear Dorothy, 
My boyfriend is needy. He’s always asking for one assistance or the other. We’ve dated for eight months, initially I thought he had some hiccups with his business and things would turn around eventually. I have noticed he is a bit slothful and maybe the reason why his business is slow. He keeps barging into me  for quick loans that are mostly non-refunded. I am not too comfortable with this, what do I do?
Bella, Warri.
Dear Bella, 
I would be uncomfortable too if I were in your shoes. A slothful man would always be broke and need quick loans. You should stop being his sponsor. Sit down with him and have a hearty conversation, let him know you believe his business would do better if he sits up and concentrate his efforts on it. Tell him there would be no more loans from you as you expect him to be able to cater for himself gradually if he stops being indolent. You may give him an ultimatum if you think he really cares about you and would be willing to change, if not, your relationship is lop-sided, take a walk.

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