Dealing With Social Media Bullying


A while back, Nigerian senator, Ben Murray Bruce, blocked a twitter follower for hurling insults at him – I guess the African father in him couldn’t take it anymore. Not long ago, an image of Tiwa Savage looking unlike her usual self flooded the internet; from blog sphere to social media street, and the comments were nothing short of… murderous. It has regrettably become a spontaneous activity for random folks to sit behind their computers and smart phones, making hurtful comments. While we can’t sensor everyone, we can learn to deal with it like a boss with these tips.

Never leave your lane.

People don’t need a reason to be mean, nonetheless, some patiently lie in wait to be provoked. Avoid intentionally sticking your nose into things that don’t directly or indirectly concern you. Peace of mind is better than having an opinion all the time.

Understand that online bullies are cowards.

Anyone who can’t say mean things to your face is a coward. Coming to terms with this would aid you to understand how inconsequential – and worthy of ignoring – they are.

Avoid responding to negativity.

An African proverb says:

He that beats the drum for the mad man to dance, is no better than the mad man himself.

Choosing to ignore negativity is challenging. I mean, who has time to turn the other cheek when you can throw a punch? However, exchanging words with people who know nothing about you is unwise.

Put your phone down.

You wouldn’t see all the negativity, if you stop trying to find it. Rather than spend umpteenth time on social media, how about you translate that to real life experiences.  

The meanness on these social media streets are real, so guard your emotion.

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