Date 16-Valve Girls, Magistrate Advises Convict


A South African magistrate, Sam Nkuna, has advised an assault convict, Sifiso Nkuna,22, that he sentenced to 150 days imprisonment to chase girls who have “16 valves” and not “skorokoros”.

Magistrate Nkuna of the Tonga Magistrate’s Court had found Sifiso guilty of assaulting his female cousin Thembi Lushaba, 32, with intent to cause bodily harm, after she refused to continue being his lover, and of contravening a protection order.

Both complainant and the victim are from Mangweni village near the Swaziland and Mozambican borders. If Sifiso can find R1,500 he can dodge the jail term.

“Sir, the victim, who is related to you, is 10 years older than you. You are like a dog that eats every piece of meat it comes across. According to the document I have here, when you were born she was 10 years old and she was also responsible for taking care of you and now you have an affair with her,” Magistrate Nkuna queried his namesake.

My advice to  you, he said, is for you to date women your age.

“If you continue dating old women, or drinking too much, your level of sexual intercourse will drop and you won’t have babies. Let me give you advice that dating your relative will make you have kids with disabilities in life. Please date 16-valve girls, not skorokoros,” said the magistrate.

In the black South African townships a “16-valve”, derived from the Volkswagen car engine, normally refers to a younger woman, while a “skorokoro” means an older vehicle.

In a plea for mitigation before he was convicted, Nkuna accused his cousin of lying about the assault.

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