Dakova Stages A Political Comeback


The once upon definition of style and amazing cuts, David Kolawole Vaughan is staging a comeback. But not via is claim to fame- cloth making;  insiders confirmed that he is staging a return to politics.

Dakova wants to vie for another elective post, and this time around he wants a bigger piece of the pie. Unlike in previous past where he contested for the House of representatives, he is aiming for the stool of a senator. 
 And to show seriousness of purpose, the friend of many who disappeared from the horizon after a hasty vocation as club manager is said to be attempting to reawaken old contacts.
He has been on prowl of the night clubs, holding meetings here and there to shore up supports.
He has been sighted at Club Papas and Quilox – both A-listers favourites and has ‘passionately attempted to sell his candidature’ to those he was with.
Sources however claimed he doesn’t appear to have ‘full attention’ of his audience.
In the 80s and 90s, David Kolawole Vaughan aka DAKOVA enjoyed a lot of press coverage owing to his burgeoning fame occasioned by his exploits in the fashion industry. He  was clothier to several celebrities.

Long before the advent of the current crop of designers, he eased out of the scene to concentrate on his other interests that include politics and hospitality.

While he did not make an appreciable impact in the political arena, the same cannot be said for the hospitality business. In Abuja, he owned a nightclub which enjoyed the patronage of elites resident in the nation’s capital. However, DAKOVA is no longer as visible as he used to be.

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