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Compromise For What?


“Abeg, which man will want to marry this one?” That was the line I waited for, but wished my friend was sensible enough to avoid using, regrettably he blurted it out without a moment of thought.

You have to have been living under a rock or busier than the rest of us not to have heard, or seen (or both) blogger, Linda Ikeji’s latest materialistic acquisition; a ‘more than 500 million naira’ house – some call it a mansion. For those of us who saw it, we unconsciously fell into five different Nigerian-orthodox categories: those who were prompted to have a sober reflection on life (this was me), those who reminded God of his promises (this was about 20% of Nigerians), the doubters (this was more than 50% of Nigerians), the haters (this was probably all of Nigeria), then the fifth… these are those who used the ‘go and marry’ bully card. This category especially reeks of our society’s double standard, because if the reverse were the case, with a single man involved, no one would bat an eyelid at his single status.

Therefore the pertinent question is: Should a woman understate her financial attainment for the sake of marriage… no, for the sake of men?

Our team couldn’t arrive at a unanimous answer, so we took it to the streets to garner public opinion. These are the responses we got:


Any man that sees it from that angle is timid. There’s nothing wrong with a hardworking woman enjoying her money.


Its rubbish now, even if she has that much money – which by the way I’m not convinced is all from blogging, she should just tell us one PDP politician gave her the money – why showoff? She shouldn’t even buy that house at all. The government should go after her abeg.


Hell no, that’s BS! If a man can’t approach her, ehn then that’s his business not hers. He should go and make his own money.


Yes she should oh. Men don’t like it when their ego is scratched and you know when a woman earns more money than her man she’s hurting his ego.


My own is she should stop putting down girls that hustle in their own way, so what if she hasn’t slept with any man for money, who asked her? Besides how many Nigerian men would want a woman that flaunts money like that.


 Of course not! But i think she should marry up, preferably a richer white man, because you can’t trust Nigerian men lol.

According to queen B: “What’s compromise? Compromising for what? Compromising for what reason? A man comes into my life and I have to compromise? hahaha stupid!

Yes! we hear you queen!!

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