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Cable-thieving Police Inspector in the Cooler


All days for the thief man, one day for the master is a popular cliché.

An Inspector of the Ghana Police Service, who has probably been beefing up his recently-enhanced monthly salary by stealing electrical cables from projects sites, has been nabbed by his colleagues of the highway patrol.

Inspector Emmanuel Ametepey and an accomplice currently on the run, reportedly stole nine bundles of the electric cables from a rural electrification project site at Nankese, a village in the Central Region.

The duo contracted the driver of a truck with registration number GC 296-10, to cart the stolen items from the village to Kasoa.

Sitting in the front passenger seat in full uniform, Inspector Ametepey thought that esprit de corps would clear the way for him at all police check points as owner of the items, but was in for a rude shock.

Halfway into their journey, the truck was stopped said around 7 p.m. by a patrol team.

Though the Inspector claimed ownership as usual, the trend of questioning became too uncomfortable for our shifty Inspector and he ordered the truck driver to speed off.

His suspicions aroused, the leader of the patrol team quickly alerted other patrol teams ahead of where the truck was headed and asked that it be stopped and the vehicle and all its contents impounded.

Predictably the vehicle was impounded at the nearest barrier and the Inspector arrested. But his accomplice, simply identified as Abu escaped.

The suspect is currently in custody assisting the police in their investigations.

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