Brain Surgery Humbles Comedian Julius Agwu


Comedian, Julius Agwu just survived a brain surgery and ever since had been grateful to God for saving him from the shackles of death.

Narrating his ordeal to celebrity magazine in Lagos, Julius Agwu said he started losing weight mysteriously and he was rushed to the hospital after he had a seizure in May.

According to the magazine, “On the genesis of his ill health, he said he can’t say specifically when and how it started. But all he could recollect was that at some point, he went on and on losing serious weight, which got many people wondering. Some concerned ones started proffering solutions, both medically and spiritually, while others resorted to murmuring and gossiping.

The humour merchant eventually went through a brain surgery on Tuesday, May 12, 2015, at the Park Plaza Hospital in Houston Texas, United States of America and has been certified ok and well.

However some songbirds muffled in to our ears that ever since Julius returned from U.S.A after the surgery he has suddenly become very calm, cool headed and humble. Some say he now treats people with more respect than before.

Meanwhile earlier on, the Ikwere born entertainer divulged that his near death experience has drawn him closer to God and also appreciates his wife, Ibiere the more.

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