Bonanza for Ebola Quarantine Inmates


Inmates of Ebola quarantine centres in Mafori Chiefdom in Port Loko District of Sierra Leone are now thanking their stars for saving them from hunger.

This follows the donation of food items and cooking essentials to them by a non-governmental organization, Development Initiative Programme.

The Chief Executive Officer of the organization, Mrs Hawa Saffa, said the donation was to keep those in the quarantined homes happy until the end of their three-week isolation and that about 100 quarantined inmates in Port Loko would benefit from the largesse.

Among the items distributed were coal pots, bags of charcoal and provisions that included sacks of rice, tins of luncheon meat, butter, cooking oil, fish and other condiments. 

She disclosed that more items were on the way as the ones supplied was enough only for a week.  

Port Loko District has lately become an epicenter and because of this the number of quarantined homes has risen dramatically. She said in that light, DIP would get fully involved in assisting quarantined homes to keep inhabitants not only happy but to also prevent them from mixing with other people.  

Mrs. Saffa has been commended by The District Medical Officer Port Loko District, Dr. Adikali Kamara, commended Mrs Saffa for her great work in helping fight the spread of the Ebola disease.

He said that the supply of the items would help greatly to contain the virus. Dr. Kamara was optimistic that after the epidemic had reached a peak, it would start to coming down and eventually end.

A German NGO, Weit Hilfe, was the first to embark on such humanitarian donations for quarantine inmates in Port Loko.

Many inmates often escape from the quarantine homes because of hunger.

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