Untold Story Of Supremacy Battle Between Comedians, Ay, Basket Mouth + Why Basket Mouth Boycotted AY SHOW 2015


In the world of humour, both home and abroad, they are not, ‘nobodies’. There humour businesses has independently recorded so much profit,that we now prefer to call them humour merchants.
But as they say, even closest friends disagree; Pride Magazine Nigeria can inform you authoritatively that top comedians Ayo Makun, AY and Bright Okpocha, Basket Mouth are in the middle of a messy supremacy battle that has torn them apart.
It is popular opinion that Basket Mouth is funnier than AY, but what have kept the latter going is his business sense as well as his strong brand presentation. When it comes to good brand presentation, give it to AY, he’s got it. But words in the city have it that both AY and Basket Mouth are in cold war and as we were told, the situation has gone out of control, as  bad blood now exists among them.
Basket Mouth was said to be originally booked to perform at the last Easter edition of AY Live which held few days back but boycotted it, with claims that he was neither informed nor invited to the event. Earlier that day, Basket Mouth was spotted in the event arena, dressed casually, but did not eventually show up at the main event. In a chat with Punch Newspaper, Basket Mouth claimed he was not booked to perform at the show but came around by chance, his words however differs from his Manager’s explanation when Pride Magazine reached out to him for response. Basket Mouth told The Punch Newspaper, “I was not booked to appear at AY’s show. My name was not publicized as part of the people to be at the show. It is not about comedians being united; AY did his show and never mentioned that Basketmouth would perform, so why would people expect me to be there? It doesn’t make sense.”
On the part of his manager, the story was totally different. “I think people are getting this whole thing mixed up. Basket Mouth was supposed to be there, but suddenly got booked for another job. We’ll put out a statement soon to avoid bad blood, thank you”.
During a private investigation by this reporter, it was discovered that, though Basket Mouth and his colleague, AY had no record of public exchange of words, they weren’t best of friends. “The two of them are in a serious underground battle for some time now; they are both envious of each other’s success”
Neither Basket Mouth nor AY has owned up the accusation, as at the time of filing this report, but Pride magazine will return with more details soon, don’t go away guys…

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