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Back Off!…Omotola Warns Politicians


A large number of celebrities have cashed out from political parties and their aspirants this election season. However, it  seems that superstar actress Omotola Jolade Ekeinde would rather have hell freeze over than be one of them.

According to her tweets she has been approached by some political party(ies) whose identities she did not reveal.

Omotola who is known to be an active socio- political commentator on social media took to her twitter page this morning to bare her mind on campaigning for political parties. She sounds a note of warning to political parties.

“soo much pressure on me to support them ….smh,….you don’t have to hussle if you were trustworthy ….i do that for free #backoff.

Any political party or aspirants who has or intends to have the sexy actress endorse him or her might very well need to think twice.

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