Awards Don’t Validate You as an Artiste – Brymo


Olawale Brymo in his cover interview for ManPride magazine talks about his choices, being a dad, education and whole lot more.

Enjoy the excerpts below:

About his childhood
I learnt pretty much everything from my dad, especially his principles and how he sees life. How he treated people and things. However I failed to learn the trade, I would refuse when he would ask me to come to the workshop, I wanted to see the world. I needed to move away and satisfy certain urges I have inside. I am the kind who constantly drifts away from people and things when they lose their flair. I am still searching for understanding, in the world and in myself… Life as a carpenter’s son is pretty much what it is; I grew up knowing my dad to be a man of principles and understanding. I try to emulate that to help me improve myself.

About his soulful music
It wasn’t always like that, and many people still remember the days when I made music mostly for the fun of it. At some point however it became imperative to give meaning to what I was doing, more because most artistes won’t do it. I wanted to be different even though I knew that everything exists and nothing has value, but while we are alive some things do have meaning in this reality… I am influenced by all of the greats, home and abroad. I spend most of my time digging up materials and digesting them.

About being tagged under-rated
I laugh…. It is the least hurtful thing that has been said about me in the last few years. I have and still only pay attention to what I am doing, for those who care to patronize such. The rating system, if there’s any is also not so credible, so why bother?

About Education
Education is key, but school I am not very sure of. I have been and will always be a student of life, learning from my experiences. If I ever decide to go back to getting a degree it’ll be because of other ambitions that I am not decided on yet.

On being a dad
Parenting is an opportunity to build something from the very scratch, with the hope that you’ll be able to let go of it and let it be independent when the time comes. I like how it teaches responsibility and patience and all the other good stuff one needs to lead a peaceful life. Yes I do have that bond with my son, he’s particularly bright and restless, I like that… Lol

On awards
Awards were meant to be a means by which society decide who’s who in the business. It should reward artistry and commitment towards it… In recent times the line has been blurred between what’s artistic and what’s not, and most people in the award business are first business men before any other thing… No, awards don’t validate you as an artiste, not in this part of the world, not anymore. I’ll rephrase when things improve.

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