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@AskLadyClare: Would you let your man help you take out your weave or hair extensions?


My life is random, strange and quirky. As a business woman, I am busy, sleep deprived and sometimes short of time for simple things like getting my hair and nails redone as soon as they chip or tracks start coming out from my weave. Don’t judge me! I am trying to get better, but keeping up the appearance of daily flawlessness can be draining and very time consuming, especially when I have more important things to do like plan a wedding and working out retirement plans for my mother and my mother-in-law.

I recently had my hair done by Celebrity Hair technician and friend, Akua Gyamfi (Hair stylist for Naomi Campbell). I love it, and she did a stellar job, which is why I’ve rebooked her for the rest of the year. However, taking out my 6 week old weave has been a bugbear! I was going to ask her to do it for me, but that would add time to the hair session.

Then I began searching my mind “should I ask my little sister to take it out before gym? Ask my mum before church?” And then the penny dropped – ask my husband-to-be! I see him everyday, sometimes he is watching Bloomsberg or Sunday politics. Surely he could make better use of his idle hands and help his queen out.

Before asking him, I took to my twitter account @askladyclare to ‘Flip the script’ and ask my people if they thought this was ok. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t insane for dreaming up a cool solution or feminising my alpha male with my weave removal. The discussions were inspiring and reassuring:

Ask Lady Clare ‏@askladyclare  Mar 19

Ladies, would you ever ask your hubby to help you take out your weave? #dontWannaCutMyHairByAccident

AmamiBeauty ‏@AmamiBeauty  Mar 19

@askladyclare Yep. Or it will take hours. He is pretty good at it now. lol

Ask Lady Clare ‏@askladyclare  Mar 19

@urbanbeautysaid I totally agree! There should be a new adage ..”to have, to hold, to assist with weave removal” #LoveKnowsNoBounds

And just when I thought I had all the assurance I needed from Amami Beauty Salon, Urban Beauty Said pipes up with Bible scriptures and marital verses to seal the deal!

urban beauty said ‏@urbanbeautysaid  Mar 19

@askladyclare Hell yeah! He’s taken the vows “through love and sickness” LOL

to which I retorted with glee!

Ask Lady Clare ‏@askladyclare  Mar 19

@urbanbeautysaid I totally agree! There should be a new adage ..”to have, to hold, to assist with weave removal” #LoveKnowsNoBounds

urban beauty said ‏@urbanbeautysaid  Mar 20

@askladyclare HAHA…. that is so true #RealTalk ” I promise to love you weave unconditionally”

So there you have it. Men everywhere, get ready to be asked to assist with weave removal, unravelling braids, greasing scalps and gelling down baby hairs. This is the 21st century, we need you more than ever to assist with maintenance, not just for changing the lighbulbs and taking out the trash, but our hair and style.

My other half is going to remove my weave tonight, he seems nervous. I’ve assured him it is totally normal and easy, just stick to cutting the thread and not my hair, and we are all good baby!

If you ask your spouse to help with your hair and he agrees or disagrees please drop me a tweet to follow on the discussion.

Written by Dr Lady Clare Eluka, with exerts courtesy of twitter handles @amamibeauty @urbanbeautysaid




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