Ask Lady Clare: What Beauty Resolutions can I adopt and keep with ease throughout 2015?


What Beauty Resolutions can I adopt and keep with ease throughout 2015? – Tola, Lekki Nigeria

The best resolutions are those that both stretch you but are maintainable. How often do we say we are going to hit the gym or stop eating chocolate and some how end up cancelling our gym membership and sitting at home eating bars of our favourite chocolate by February 1st.

This year, I am advising people to take a different approach. Really look at your desires, your wants and needs – think about ‘what am I doing that is holding me back, making me look and feel less than beautiful?”

Here I will offer 5 Beauty Resolutions that you can adopt with ease and have fun doing it!

  1. Book a photoshoot! Get a stylist, or a friend who has a really good sense of style and ask them to help you revamp your wardrobe and your makeup bag. Throw away old makeup that you’ve had for 12 months or longer and go downsize your wardrobe. By doing a photoshoot, you give yourself a goal, a tangible reason to keep your body in shape, your skin looking good and will have pictorial evidence of your efforts!
  1. Go for regular facials. As a facialist, I see all types of skin everyday at my shop and spa in centre London, UK. When new clients ask me “How often should I book in a facial?” I tell them every 6 weeks. The skin renews its cells every 35 days, so approximately every 5 weeks, your skin has the potential to heal, grow through but also, fall back into Acne and Eczema if uncared for. By going for a facial on a bi-monthly basis, you have a professional taking care of your face and advising you on what products to use and how best to use them.
  1. Invest in a good eye cream. I’m not sure if its because i am conscious of turning 30 this summer, but lately I have noticed that my eyes are sagging and less vibrant as they were in my early 20’ Being an entrepreneur, working 80hours per week has definitely taken its toll on me and I realise that since applying Eye Creme, my bags are less visible and the dark circles have softened.
  1. Up your intake of Vitamin C. Eat Papaya, Oranges, Sweet Potatoes, basically any Root Vegetable that is Orange or Green in colour. This adds a lovely golden glow to the skin and boosts the elasticity and natural collagen in the skin (naturally anti ageing).
  1. Get 8-10hours sleep when you can. Sometimes just go to bed mega early to let your body and face rest. Globally, we are all sleep deprived, overworked and lacking in sleep our skins take a massive hit, which means our products and makeup have to work that bit harder to mask the deficiency. Sleep is a godsend, get more of it!

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