Advice Papa Gave Me


By Charles O. Anyiam-Osigwe.

My son, I am pleased to see that you are growing into a fine young man. Your teenage years have just begun. As I look at you, I cannot help but recall my youth. Oh, those were the days! Some of the escapades I got into as the hormones got into over drive. This is a very interesting and challenging phase for a young man, so I will tell you a story which I hope will see you through your teens and indeed your adult life.

One fine early morning, a cockerel got up and set out to look for food to eat. As he scratched the earth around him for food, some hens gathered round him. The cockerel wanting to show off went about scratching out food and the hens following him ate everything he found. The cockerel was so pleased with himself for being so popular that he forgot to eat any of the food he found.

All day he scratched for food and all day the hens ate all he found. When evening came, the hens went home to sleep contended and well fed. The cockerel also went home. No sooner had he got home than the strong pangs of hunger came. He realised that despite scratching from dawn dusk, he had not tasted a morsel of food.

It was too late to go searching for food so he decided to bear it till the following morning.

As the night wore on, (rather slowly for the hungry cockerel) sleep became more difficult, and the acute pangs of hunger got worse. He became very restless tossing and turning, getting up, he was besides himself with hunger. When he couldn’t bear it any longer he screamed – “Cock-a-doodle – doo!!! Which when translated means “What a fool I have been”

So my son, if you go around seeking to impress women with your hard earned resources, you will end up being a bigger fool than the cockerel.




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