Advice Papa Gave Me: We Live And Learn


My dear daughter,

Your mother and I have paid particular attention to making sure you get a good education.  We are really thankful to God that you have graduated from some of the top schools in the world. However, education does not end when you received your certificates.

As you journey through life, bear in mind that everyone you come in contact with can teach you something. In this regard, be open to listen to those who you come across in life. It would serve you in good stead to be exposed to the many and various viewpoints and perspectives of those you come in contact with.

Our upbringing is a major culprit in shaping our worldview. I know I have tried to pass on my values to you.  Just because I believe something does not mean you have to believe the same as well. And, if we are being honest, we sometimes believe things out of ignorance, since, as often is the case, we just simply didn’t have all of the information. Take in all of the information and formulate your own opinions. When you find that a position you have held unto fiercely seems wrong, change your mind.

Examine all things, hold fast to those you consider true.

The only constant in life is change. So, if you never change your mind about things, you will never grow as a person. We have to strive for positive growth in life.

So, my dear girl, always bear in mind that we live and learn. Strive to be a student of life, and be open to learn and evolve.

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