Advice Papa Gave Me: Manners Make A Man


My Son,

Sometimes I reminisce and harken back to yesteryear, it isn’t the simpler times I long for so much as a return to the distant days when politeness, proper decorum and etiquette was held at a premium. Fellows had manners. “Pleases” and “thank yous” were common in every day lexicon. Now it seems as if there is something missing, something stripped from today’s men.

My boy there is nothing wrong with opening a door for the opposite sex. You have seen me do so often for my wife (your mother). Not just your mother, I have always held and opened doors for strangers, both men and women. I see so much selfish and self-destructive behavior, and I feel it has become more prominent now than ever in our “I want everything now” society. It is proper behavior, if you see a person coming, wait and hold the door for them. I have always said “please” and “thank you”. I could go on, but what I’m really getting at is simple: Say good morning to a stranger; if someone looks like they need a hand, simply offer. All minor things that can make a huge difference. 

As I watch the gross amount of impolite behavior that is the norm today, it occurs to me that those who do this are probably behaving like that not to be deliberately unpleasant to others, but in fact they actually don’t know how to behave appropriately and in consideration towards others, they don’t have any standards to aspire to.

My son, I have always tried to teach you that manners are priority. A child with good manners goes a long long way, I have found. Treat people as you wish to be treated.

My Son, manners make a man.


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