Advice Papa Gave Me: Look For The Manoeuvrable Spaces


My Dear Daughter,

As we journey through life, it is important for us to avoid focusing on the pitfalls, rocks and other obstacles on our way. Rather, our focus should be on the spaces between the rocks. If your focus is on the rocks and obstacles, you will find yourself up against walls, real or imagined. You need to figure out early on in life how to see the rocks and the obstacles, without missing the spaces in between to help you maneuver.

This is no easy task. Focusing on problems comes more naturally. The journey through life seems to be littered with one obstacle after another. There are just always obstacles to think about. “How can I get around an obstacle if I don’t look at it?” My dear, I am not saying that you should not see the obstacles or the challenges; rather your focus should not be centered on them. Instead you have to train your mind to look for the spaces – the way around the obstacles. Devoting all our attention to the rocks and the obstacles makes it difficult to see the opportunities we have some actual control over.

Always bear in mind that it is no use distressing yourself on vain imaginations, as we don’t even know if what we are worried about will happen, and we have zero control over what will happen.

Obstacles will exist no matter what path we choose. But we can decide to look past the rocks and see the spaces in between. We must learn to find ways that takes us beyond and past the obstacles to achieve our goals.

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