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My dear daughter,

It is important to learn to distinguish quite early in life who your friends are, and who are your colleagues and acquaintances. As you journey through life, you will meet many people from all walks of life and from all strata of society. However, as you meet all these people and get to know them, take time to choose who your friends are among them because not everyone is your friend.

Remember the lyrics of the song That’s What Friends Are For:

Keep smiling, keep shining

Knowing you can always count on me, for sure

That’s what friends are for

For good times and bad times

I’ll be on your side forever more

That’s what friends are for

Yes, friends:

  • Are there for good times and bad times
  • Are there for emotional support
  • Encourage you to be the best you can be
  • Hold you accountable
  • Never betray you or gossip about you
  • Always genuinely have your best interest at heart and look out for you, whether near or far
  • Always give you unconditional love, with no motives or hidden agenda
  • Are true to you. There is an everlasting bond that cannot be broken by time, distance, situations, or persons.

My daughter, you should think carefully before you consider anyone your friend. Friendship is a sacred relationship that comes with responsibilities, some of which I have stated above. So, choose wisely.

Love you always,


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