Advice Papa Gave Me: Don’t Be a Fowl



My son, I cannot overemphasize to you the importance of being diligent in your duties and attentive to all the processes that make you effective and efficient in executing your work.

I’ll tell you a story, once upon a time, in the land of the animals all was not well.

There was famine in the land. The toll was very high; many animals of different species were dying on a daily basis. All the animals were greatly perturbed, so the King of the animals summoned a meeting.

The animals gathered to deliberate and seek a solution to the famine that was devastating the land.  Practically all the animals were there except the fowl.

As the deliberations went on, the consensus was that the gods were angry and needed to be appeased. It was suggested that the gods be appeased by offering sacrifices on a regular basis so that the famine would end and others not occur.

The big question then became who was to be the “Sacrificial Lamb.” 

None of the animals present volunteered to make the ultimate sacrifice to heal the land. Suddenly, one of the animals pointed out that the fowl was not in attendance. 

“Ah ha,” said the king of the animals, “with so much disaster visiting our land, the fowl could not be bothered to attend a meeting called to seek out a solution to our problems. Very well, we shall go and fetch the fowl so that we can sacrifice him to the gods so that our land will be restored to its fertile state”.

So, the animals set out and got hold of the fowl and he was slaughtered as sacrifice to the gods. My son, you are aware that till this day, the fowl remains the most popular sacrificial animal in most African traditions.”

Now, my son, try not to be the fowl as you go about your duties in the course of your career. Make sure you are in attendance at all important meetings.




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