Advice Papa Gave Me: Beware! Chat Rooms Can Spell Danger


My dear daughter,

Internet chat rooms are great places to hang out – you get to meet people from all over the world, and chat about all sorts of things. I am aware of all the social media outlets that exists, and the attraction they pose for you youngsters. However, you may feel that since you are indulging in these chats and other interactions from the comfort of your own home, it should be safe, right? Not necessarily.

Many teenagers have had bad experiences on the Internet – they’ve been bullied and abused, with some even committing suicide as a result. In addition, a considerable number of teenagers have fallen victim to sex perverts. Therefore, if you’re going into a chat room you must remember the people you’ll meet there won’t necessarily be who they say they are. The nature of the medium allows one to assume any identity they so desire. So, you might think you’re chatting to people your own age when in fact, they’re adults pretending to be teens – and all they really want is to meet you offline for nefarious reasons.

Always remember my dear girl; your mother and I are always there for you. If you’re worried about someone you’ve met in a chat room, please, please, please do not keep the information away from us. If you don’t think you can confide in us (which I hope is not the case) tell any other adult you trust, such as your teacher or any of your uncles or aunties. When it comes to chat rooms, better make sure you play it safe than end up sorry.

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