Behold! Adeyemi Okanlanwon, MNET’s Revelation And Rising Star


Keen followers of the Nigerian movie circle would agree that new breed of male actors are rising and adding values to the third largest movie producing industry in the world, Nollywood.

However among them, is an exceptional character to watch out for. His names are Ademi Okanlanwon an Mnet revelation star who has featured in several Mnet productions.

Okanlanwon a dark skinned, averagely bearded handsome dude whose sharp and brilliant performances you can’t help falling in love with is sure the star to watch out for.

Deyemi Okanlawon is an actor popular for his role in the web series, Gidi Up and The Dowry. Okanlawon played the role of an undercover in Waje’s video, No be You. He is also married.

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