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A Soldier’s Story – Featuring Linda Ejiofor, Tope Tedela, Adesua Etomi, Daniel K Daniel


In times past, the Nigeria Army has worked relentlessly and passionately to keep Nigeria safe and peaceful. They fight wars, go for peace missions and very recently have had to deal with the deadly Boko Haram insurgency.

But unlike other countries like the USA that roll out their drums and celebrate their Armed Forces for their selfless service to the nation, our own beloved Army has been left unsung.

Our soldiers, our brave and dedicated men of the Armed forces who gave their yesterday for our glorious today, have been left unrecognized.

They are the ones who fought ceaselessly during the civil war in the sixties. They laid down their lives for the nation they swore to protect.

This October we would open the book of remembrance and roll out the drums to celebrate our fearless heroes, both past and present.

Join us as we unfold a series of breath taking events, as we beam our camera lights on the lives and times of our gallant soldiers.

Please join us as we take an interesting walk with our soldiers: Showcasing their lives and the challenging nature of their job.

We would start with our energetic and courageous Military doctor: Major Egan (a role played by the suave and very ambitious Tope Tedela) as he embarks on a peace mission, leaving behind his newly wedded pretty wife.  He gets shot and is mistaken for dead, in a pool of his own blood.

Devastating news filter home very fast and his wife: Lebari (a role played by delectable Adesua Etomi) is left to mourn the sudden death of her sweetheart and the premature death of her unborn baby. She is also saddled with dealing with the mischief of her husband’s overbearing relatives who want a large share of their late son’s estate. She is overwhelmed by the fact that her husband’s memory is embedded in the national flag presented to her, symbolizing her husband’s bravery at war.

Consoled by her godfather Colonel Bello (a role played by the very famous Chico of Classic FM- Chico Aligwekwe) has a soft spot for his wife and would do anything to get rid of the major Egan permanently.

In a twist of fate, a Scavenger, who is also a medical doctor by profession – Regina (a play played by multitalented Linda Ejiofor-the pretty and famous Bimpe Adekoya of the Tinsel series) finds this young soldier at the verge of death and makes a very bold decision to save his life, against her friend’s wish (Angela’s role is played by the bold and beautiful Zainab Balogun)

This decision now affects everyone and everything around her and her naïve brother, Edwin (a role played by young and cheerful Olumide Owuru of The Johnson’s fame). The young man whose life Regina saved, recollects slowly but oblivious of whom he is.

Regina is constantly harassed by the deadly and dangerous rebels’ leader – Boss man (a role played by Daniel.K.Daniel) and his daring goons including Ghetto – a trigger happy and trusted hand of Boss man (This part is played by Chidozie Nzeribe)

A soldier, long dead and buried in the minds of his loved ones, suddenly has his memory revived and there is pandemonium as his life saver – Regina is jolted with the shocking revelation and heart breaking news that he belongs to someone else.

Married to his beautiful wife, Lebari and now passionately loved by a doctor – Regina, Major Egan is torn between two worlds.

The premiere Date for the movie is October 17, 2015.

 The Release date for the movie is October 23, 2015.

 The trailer can be viewed via

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