A Shower Alone Isn’t Enough

I remember vividly an argument I had with a close male friend. It was about male grooming; what seemed extreme and what was perfectly okay. Apparently the only thing my friend assumed was okay and should be the value of grooming is taking a shower. As funny as this might seem, it’s a reality for some men.

Women folks don’t just like a good looking dude, but a fresh one, and we love our guys to fit into at least one of these profiles. Is that too much for a girl to ask? I would think not. However there is a thin line between amazing and just weird. Like we don’t want to come home to our men going through our makeup purses to borrow a lipstick, we also don’t want them tailing us while shopping for cosmetics (that’s just plain embarrassing). So I ask- what are the essentials of male grooming?  

I met a good looking ‘hot’ guy and I couldn’t hold back from commenting on how bedazzling his fashion style was. Alas! The worst happened as he acknowledged my complimentary remarks. Gosh! He had MO! It was odious I had to hold my breath for seconds and wondered in anguish, why? I guess he never saw the importance of fresh breath beyond his fashionable outlook.

Most people I dare say unfortunately aren’t educated on how to keep a fresh breath- It’s essentially a must to brush the tongue.  Studies, according to wagnerdentist.com, show that brushing the tongue helps fight against bad breath and prevent oral diseases.

I’ve heard the ‘body-creams-make-me-sweat stories’, and I understand the plight of many in this situation as I am a victim as well. However, not only are body creams necessary to keep the skin moisturized; it protects the skin. Creams high in SPF (sun protection factor) are needed to protect the skin from the ultra violet rays of the sun and the skin needs moisture to keep its water level balanced during harmattan and cold seasons

Deodorants and body colognes are not optional. Underarms are prone to excessive sweating, hence making it a breeding area for bacteria producing odour. Male deodorants have super drying effects which help reduce sweatiness and eventually body odour. Trust me when I say ladies love a good smelling guy.  It makes us want to swoon over him and we could just bury our faces into all that sweetness especially when the guy has got the looks and swags. What guy wouldn’t want that?

Practice these tips, and I can guarantee you’re well on your way to being the hunkiest guy in the room. 

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