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9-year-old Kills Self with Dad’s Gun


A gun bought by loving father to protect his family against marauding armed robbers has bizzarely become the agent of self-execution of his son.

Unaware that it was loaded the boy obviously clicked the trigger, possibly imitating what he had previously seen the father do while cleaning the gun.

The boy’s mother had heard “a big bang in the family’s room” as she took care of her son’s little sisters in the evening at Ofankor, a suburb of the Ghanaian capital.

“I blacked out when I attempted to verify the incident immediately after the bad news got relayed to me”, she recounted.

The boy’s father has been arrested by Police for possessing an unlicensed gun.

“My husband procured the gun to fight off robbers who have been terrorising us in this area”, the wife told Journalists.

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