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6 Ways To Rock A Dashiki


As the western world hops on this fabulous West African cultural clothing, some irately scream ‘cultural appropriation’ while some could care less. However, there are those who have broken prosy bounds by transforming orthodox to unorthodox, but still retaining the popular prints – which is its essence.

Check on it…

As the original


You can pair this with a black or blue denim pants or shorts.

As a two piece


This two-piece dashiki is a go-to outfit for hot days or a day out on the beach.

As a dress


If you love the prints, but you’re also into flaunting your curves, who says you can’t have both?

As a skirt



For some girly girl vibe, a dashiki midi flare skirt would do the trick.

As a crop top


Bare your midriff and flaunt skin with this.


As a head-wrap


For West Africans, head wraps are a must-have.

As long as the print is unaltered, you can rock the Dashiki as many ways possible, so have fun with it.

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