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In part two last week, we looked at the (single and double) Monk Strap shoe.

In part three this week we examine the Brogue shoe.

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The Brogue:

A brogue is so called because it has perforated holes that punctuates the shoe often in an elaborate manner, therefore, any shoe with such holes is regarded as brogue. It is of note that shoe types like the Balmoral Oxford or Monk Strap have brogue like aesthetic. However, the main feature of a brogue is a heart shaped pattern on the main face of the shoe. The main brogue distinction are the perforated holes that punctuates the entirety of the shoe as opposed to the front of the shoe for partially brogued Oxfords or Monk Straps.

Furthermore, most brogues come with lacing that sits above the vamp of the shoe, which is the area in-between the front of the shoe and where the lacing starts, a further testament to its semi-formal nature unlike those that sit below the vamp like capped toe oxfords. Be that as it may, some do come with lacing that sits below the vamp. Note that shoe that have shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp are characterized as “derby shoes”. Therefore, even a caped toe shoe can be called a Derby if its shoelace eyelets occur the same way

It is important to mention that these holes do not puncture the shoe but are for aesthetics and distinction. The Brogue is the British name for this shoe style whereas in America, they are called Wingtips for the heart shaped unique feature on the face is akin to the shape of an angel’s wings.

Brogue shoes are more suitable with leather, however some shoe manufactures have been able to manufacture them with suede material but the holes on those are less noticeable and almost needle like in nature. Being one of the most versatile shoe, a gentleman must have in his wardrobe the full brogue as it is your quintessential semi-formal/dress casual shoe. It has been paired with a variety of ensembles such as our ceremonial gent characterized by the flair of Batik as well as our ember gent.

Next week we consider the chukka boot. Stay tuned!

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