5 Reasons Why You Need A Business Mentor


In this fast pace world of business, it is vital to have the edge on your competitors. The only way to be great in business is to surround yourself with influential business men and women. This will help you to expand your networking circle and you must then take massive action to achieve your professional goals.

For the past 12 months I have been working with corporate Business Mentor Lorna Stewart who is the Founder of Black 100+. Lorna and I started working together when I took the leap of faith and became full time in my business MPLOYME. I was initially filled with fear because I was responsible for bringing in the money and I had to make sure the bills were paid on time. Luckily for me Lorna has worked with governmental institutes and several Caribbean High Commission, this meant I was in the company of excellence. Here are my top 5 reasons why I believe a Business Mentor is instrumental to the doors of success:

1. Moving In The Right Direction

In business you need to work with a Mentor who has gone before you and made mistakes so you do not have to. The role of a Business Mentor is to signpost you to:

  • Increasing your profits margins
  • Expanding your professional your network
  • Professional development guidance
  • Business advice
  • Creating a 12 month strategic business plan

2. Accountability

The purpose of a Business Mentor is to make sure you are keeping to your side of the agreement. You need a sounding board to come back to when things are upside down in your business. They will offer you solutions but never tell you what to do, ultimately you will make the final decision. It is advised to complete a memorandum of understanding (MOU) prior to entering into a Mentor/Mentee agreement.

3. Learning The Art Of Being Disciplined

If your Business Mentor sets you homework, you must complete it in the time requested and meet their deadline. This shows that you are able to follow their instructions and are willing to be guided. It also shows you are commitment to following through. A great Mentor will set you tasks and targets to attain, call it a test of character. Make sure you rise to the challenge on every occasion.

4. Benefiting From Mentoring Sessions   

When you start your mentoring sessions you will both agree a time to meet up. I would suggest at the very minimum a monthly meet up, however that really depends on the support you require. I am quite lucky because in between meetings with Lorna I get to call her for advice during the month and we have several email correspondences as well.

5. Confidence Boost

If your Business Mentor is good at what they do then naturally they should be able to encourage and empower you. This in turn will assist in boosting your confidence inside the network arena and help you to keep moving through the touch times.

If you are serious about taking your business forward you must invest in yourself to improve in your weak areas. In business you will never know everything, make sure that the Business Mentor you have has achieved more than you and is a great role model. This way you can maximise your Mentor/Mentee relationships. As an Entrepreneur myself I strongly recommend you take the time and make sure that you have a great rapport with the Business Mentor you finally select.


Written by Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan www.creditcrunchqueen.com

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