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4 Tips to Help You Survive A Job You Hate


You’re likely to hear, if they are truthful, 90% of Nigerians exclaim ‘I hate my job!!!’ The era of doing what you love it seems hasn’t fully trickled down to these parts, why? Well… Man must chop. Those who grab the bull by the horn by doing what they love in every stretch of imagination are considered risk takers (or ingenious daredevils).

In all fairness, consistently doing what you hate might take more guts than it seems, that’s why we are here to help you through each day; to help ease the growing tension with these 4 essential tips.

Talk to someone

They say, ‘a problem shared is half solved’, we couldn’t agree more. We are overtly religious and that’s fine, but rather than say ‘work was great’ (as per faith) to a friend or a partner, when in fact the exact opposite was the case, tell the truth.  Help yourself by sharing your experience and expressing your feelings. And it really doesn’t matter how broken record-ish you may sound, it is what it is.

Use it as a motivational springboard

Sometimes the best decisions (not the ones that land you in jail) stem from rage – I call it righteous rage. Realize you weren’t born to live your life frustrated or at the mercy of something beyond your control. Take charge of your life and make beneficial decisions. If fashion is your forte, or to be the next top model, or a business guru… whatever, it’s never too late, pursue it and get to doing!

Take some time to have Fun

This might be the toughest to achieve. How do you have fun when you’re deep in a hateful mess? How do you smile through a day at work when all you think of doing is burning down the whole building (okay, maybe that’s a little too dark, but you get the point). Take time away to do something you enjoy: go on a short weekend trip with friends, go to the movies, go have some drinks and talk about hot bodied guys or sexy women. Anything to keep you sane.

Stay positive

Positivity is the oil that lubricates the long, wavy road to the realization of your dream. It doesn’t matter whether you love your job or you despise it, what matters is having a positive attitude toward any and everything you do.

Hopefully these points would help bring you out of the quagmire of hate-filled emotions.

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