3 Simple Ways To Hide Your Baby Bump From Witches


Okay, maybe the headline is a bit too dramatic.

Once regular folks evolve into celebrities, they lose every iota of privacy. Constancy in the public eye comes with the con of being judged by every Tom, Dick and Harry. However, some celebrities have mastered the art of staying under the radar undetected (Lagbaja comes to mind), while others learn to just take the bullets as the come (dear Toke Makinwa we salute your bravado).

But the fact is, a celebrity tag isn’t needed for people to whip out their claws to scratch. And, no thanks to the online community growing in Israelitic leaps and bounds, judgmental scrutiny is now on a larger scale – the village witches can now track you online faster. You can never really hide a baby bump, but you can keep people guessing at its early stages with these stylish tips.

Go black

Wearing black is a great way to hide a baby bump, and it also gives the illusion of a slimmer body – score! Like blogger/Youtuber, Patricia Bright, throw on a black jeans with a black top, pair with a jacket and… voila!

Baggy t-shirt

Androgyny in the world of fashion is still a thing, ergo grabbing a baggy t-shirt from your wardrobe and pairing with boyfriend jeans or jeggings – depending on your preference, should be a thing for you too.

Umpire dresses

This is the perfect go-to silhouette for pregnant women. Opt for a white umpire, flare dress, for a dinner date with the hubby or a casual flowery-printed dress for lunch with friends. Choose one with a bit of zhush; show off a bit of skin, to divert attention from your tummy – a backless would be apt.

Get those witches confused ladies!

Photo Credit: @thepatriciabright

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