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3 Benefits To Working In a Team


By Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan of

As I sit in my office in warm sunny England, I look out to my horizons and see how beautiful life really is. I began thinking about teamwork and the benefits of working as a collective. There is an old Jamaican proverb that says “one hand can’t clap”. Simply put this means you need two hands to make a clapping sound.

I am a firm believer as an entrepreneur that you never arrive at the top alone. You need people to assist you along the way. If you do not have customers to purchase your products you have no income. If you do not have a secretary to pick up your calls you lose business. You see where I am going with this right? Here are my 3 benefits to working as a team:

1. A Collective Movement Has More Impact

When you work with a good team whose objectives are the same, it makes your job easier. You need a solid team behind you who wants to help you achieve your vision. This way, more people can help share the message about what your company does.

2. Develop Your Leadership Skills

Another great benefit to working in a team is that you will develop your leadership skills. You will learn how to delegate to staff effectively. Always have the problem solver mentality. Think quickly about how you can overcome challenges in your daily work life.

3. Improve Communication

One thing you will be sure of when you work in a team you must be an effective communicator. As the CEO it is not always a requirement that your staff like you. You are not here to be like you have a job to do, staff must respect you and your authority always. You will have to be clear with your instructions and admit if you were wrong or made a mistake. Humility is a beautiful quality to have.

If you follow these benefits you will have successful projects all around you. Be sure to have a post evaluation and pay attention to the areas which you can improve on next time. 

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