2 Ways To Translate The Floor Length Jacket To Fit Our Blazing-Weather


Inasmuch as they expose themselves to the short-sighted scrutiny of the public, most celebrities are idols, with everyone scampering to look like them (and no, we don’t mean a weird and stalk-ish trip to the surgery table). In this case, we reference their style and our slight envy for their wardrobes.

When Kim Kardashian announced she was expecting another baby, the world, literally, fixated the spotlight on her 9 months journey. It was well worth our time and data, as the fashion mogul demonstrated why her style is craved by many. She spotted floor length jackets for the most part of her pregnancy, paired with fitted, figure-grabbing dresses.

Kim Kardashian

Let’s help you cop her floor length jacket style, while translating it perfectly to fit our humid weather.

Floor length kimono

Worn as a bikini cover up, the Kimono has transitioned effortlessly to earn its place on the street away from all the wetness. This makes it perfect for hot days, as it is made from very light fabric – chiffon. Rather than flowery accents, opt for plain, block colour, to expunge beachy-vibes.

Floor length Ankara

Care for a bit of African vibe? Grab an Ankara fabric, head to your tailor, and come out with a cheeky smile. Though we know tailors make our lives easier, but we here at pride are big on patronizing African fashion brands, check out the Malia dress-jacket by Dpipertwins.

Note, hot days shouldn’t hold you back from experimenting trends.

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